Verstappen blasts 'frustrated' Vettel, calls penalty 'ridiculous'

He said: "Maybe it was just me today, but I felt that I was actually in Mexico City, not on the race track, with a lot of traffic".

The 19-year-old then took his leave before Ferrari's Vettel jogged into the room as the official third-place victor.

While it looks like the championship is going Nico Rosberg's way this year, Lewis Hamilton could still become the second winningest driver in F1 history before the season ends.

There was then some extremely heated debate on the Ferrari driver's team radio, even at one point telling race director Charlie Whiting to "f*** off!" but after the race, Verstappen was slapped with a penalty dropping him to fifth behind Ricciardo and promoting Vettel onto the podium.

"You have to understand, the adrenaline was pumping, I put him under pressure which is hard enough, our tires both were pretty old and then obviously he left the track and didn't move so you can understand why I was annoyed", Vettel said on the podium following the race.

Max Verstappen has urged Sebastian Vettel to go back to school, while Daniel Ricciardo has also criticised his former team-mate. He's just backing me off into [Daniel] Ricciardo. They don't give a penalty for Nico - don't give me a penalty at the end of the race!

"I saw Max cut the chicane trying to defend Seb, he got a penalty, so I don't know what was different with his move and Lewis'".

However, instead of yielding the position, Verstappen raced on and crossed the line in third place.

"He [Vettel] is shouting and l don't know how many times he is using very bad language".

"At least I can do it in a good way. He is just a very frustrated guy".

"I think it was ridiculous". I was very emotional and I have asked already to go and see Charlie Whiting -- when you are in the auto, I was full of adrenaline because it is not right what Max did.

It was the first time the Italian team had led a Formula One practice session since Belgium in August and Vettel was pumped up, calling McLaren's Fernando Alonso "an idiot" after being slowed by the Spaniard. "I was getting upset as you can imagine".



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