US Officials Declare Connecticut Plane Crash Was Intentional

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing.

The only passenger, flight instructor Arian Prevalla, survived but was badly burned and rushed to the hospital.

FOX25 has learned that 28-year-old Feras Freitekh was a student on the plane who died.

A small plane that crashed in the town of East Hartford in CT, killing one person, was the result of an intentional act, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said on Wednesday.

Investigators believe a twin-engine airplane was intentionally crashed onto a busy street in CT, killing a student pilot, local police and a federal official said Wednesday.

A Jordanian student pilot is believed to have intentionally crashed a small twin-engine plane in the USA state of CT, killing himself and injuring his instructor, the police said.

Local law enforcement called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, citing infrastructure concerns due to the crash's proximity to Pratt & Whitney.

An anonymous law enforcement official claimed that Freitekh had told the instructor he did not want to fly the plane any longer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The crash had knocked out power in the area and East Hartford Public Schools said that is still causing trouble to the phone lines and internet at Goodwin, Pitkin and O'Connell schools.

Although the crash appeared to be intentional, authorities say there was nothing to indicate terrorism.

The twin-engine plane went down in Hartford as it was approaching a local airport on Tuesday. It also wasn't immediately clear whether the student or the instructor was the survivor.

Police say the pilot was hospitalized with serious burns but was talking with investigators. "So we're very fortunate in that sense", Chief Scott Sansom said. It struck a utility pole in East Hartford and crashed around 4 p.m., bursting into flames.

The Federal Aviation Association also confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the FBI is now handling the investigation.

The company, which has its headquarters in East Hartford, is a global manufacturer of jet engines for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft.

The official said it appeared the student pilot was frustrated with his family and said he was being forced to become a pilot. Police haven't released their names. The aircraft had two sets of controls, allowing either person to pilot the plane.

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