UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton pulls into 5-point lead over Donald Trump

Republican nominee Donald Trump yesterday vowed to continue assailing Bill Clinton, branding him a "predator" and calling Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton a "hypocrite" in front of cheering crowds, as a new WikiLeaks email dump reveals the campaign had grappled with concerns over the former president months ago.

"Bill Clinton was the worst abuser of women to ever sit in the Oval Office".

"For decades, Hillary Clinton has been deeply familiar with her husband's predatory behavior and instead of trying to stop it, she made it possible for him to take advantage of even more women", Trump continued.

Clinton on Monday tweeted: "If Trump stands by what he said about women as 'locker room talk, ' he's clearly not sorry".

One day after her second head-to-head debate with Republican opponent Donald Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton visited Detroit on Monday, speaking before a packed and supportive crowd on the campus of Wayne State University. Inside Edition's Les Trent asked Paula Jones. "But Bill Clinton has sexually assaulted innocent women and Hillary Clinton was attacking those women viciously".

Trump said Clinton had "tremendous hate in her heart" and it was proven when she said half of his supporters were in the "basket of deplorables". Clinton attempted to use Lincoln as an example of having both a public and private position on issues, as Lincoln used varying methods and arguments on different lawmakers to abolish slavery.

"The nicest thing you could say about Trump's performance was that it was bonkers".

A fourth woman, Kathleen Shelton, was also on hand.

Of the personal attacks exchanged between Clinton and Trump, Raddatz said, it should not be underestimated that uncommitted voters were watching the attacks unfold in person.

Clinton defended the man but initially sought to avoid representing him, citing personal objections. That would give her 356 votes in the electoral college - significantly more than the 270 needed to win the presidency.

"If I were going to try and suggest a way to do it, I think if someone is appointed, they should be someone who can convince the American people that it's not a political thing", Ashcroft said.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went personal in the second presidential debate, attacking each other on everything from vulgar language to emails. After part of a paid speech leaked last week, Clinton tried to clear the air by bringing Abraham Lincoln into the debate to explain how a president can have two different sides to them.

In Detroit, she said voters understand the stakes in her race against Trump, while acknowledging the pervasive cynicism about politics. She never takes the easy way out.

Raddatz also said attendees could feel in the room the presence of Trump's following Clinton around the town hall stage.

"Over 100 million dollars in money for the Clinton Foundation".

"We find that the effect of these big set-piece events on the final result is often exaggerated - 96% of the debate viewers we asked said it won't affect their vote at all".



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