Tulip Siddiq appointed to Corbyn's shadow cabinet

The former Labour leader said there had been a change of attitude among MPs about Mr Corbyn following his re-election, despite the resignation of two whips following the sacking of their boss, Dame Rosie Winterton.

"I am pleased to announce the appointment of 21 MPs to our frontbench, 14 of whom are women and four of whom are from the black and minority ethnic community", Corbyn said.

Mr McGinn stepped down as did fellow whip Holly Lynch over the removal of Ms Winterton, which provoked an angry backlash.

A Labour source insisted the gathering had been far less fractious than many the leader had faced during the previous year.

And said it was better for him to "serve on the backbenches" for the time being.

Although Vaz had given her backing to Andy Burnham in last year's Labour leadership elections, she has since offered her full support to her party leader Corbyn after he beat Burnham.

The announcement follows the return of 10 MPs to the shadow cabinet who left the front bench over the summer.

Winterton thought she was attending a meeting about shadow chancellor elections when she was removed from office to be replaced by Nick Brown, Gordon Brown's former enforcer.

Leading MPs at odds with Mr Corbyn are reported to be setting up their own informal body to put forward policy initiatives in competition with the official shadow cabinet. Today, more than ever, it feels like we need to stand up for democracy, for fairness and equality, for our basic human rights. "I think it should be reduced and it should be reduced by making sure we have the skills in this country that are needed for the jobs that need to be done", said Mr Starmer.

"I couldn't have served in the shadow cabinet".

Self-styled "moderate" Labour MPs could form a so called "shadow shadow cabinet" to hold the government to account, while opposing Corbyn's leadership.

The resignations come in the wake of controversial choice for shadow attorney general, Shami Chakrabarti.

Corbyn was first elected to the Labour leadership by a groundswell of popular support in 2015, taking 59.5 percent of the vote.

Barry Gardiner has been appointed as a shadow energy minister under Lewis.



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