Some voters say they won't accept outcome of election

Trump said the "corrupt" media had helped Clinton by giving her advance notice of questions to be asked at a campaign town hall event.

"Though I do trust we can keep the turnout amongst deceased and fictional voters to a minimum, I have come out on both sides of elections and I have never lost my confidence in the judgment of the American people", he said. Trump, who is lagging in opinion polls, has offered no widely accepted evidence to back up his vote-rigging claims, and numerous studies have shown that the USA election system, which is run by the states, is sound.

- "I know that so many of you in the archdiocese already have a place in your heart for a guy who started out as a carpenter working for his father".

Trump has been attacking Clinton for her record as a senator in recent weeks, and going after her and Bill for the former president's sexual misconduct while in office and alleged misconduct before he became president.

A fundraising event featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton turned awkward when instead of a light roasting, they gave each other a brutal grilling.

Democratic presidential nominee Clinton began her remarks by saying the event was so meaningful, she chose to take a break from her "rigorous nap schedule" to attend. "Donald looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a four".

Trump's jokes did cause moments of laughter, such as when he mentioned a moment he shared with Clinton backstage. "I respect that, I want to answer them, I want to earn your vote, I am reaching out to all Americans, Democrats, Republicans and independents", Clinton said.

Contrast that tone to now: On Thursday, Trump said he would accept the results of the general election - if he wins. Well, I am here to tell you: Everything.

She said Trump's comments were more consistent with what dictators in non-democratic countries might say about their opponents.

Mentioning the TV newsers on hand, Clinton made a self-deprecating remark about her lack of news conferences on the campaign trail.

Dolan says awkwardness between the candidates is nothing new, as there was some "iciness" between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama back at the same dinner in 2012. "I didn't think he'd be ok with a peaceful transition of power".



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