Snapchat ventures into wearable tech with Spectacles

Snapchat will release US$130 sunglasses with built-in camera

Social media app Snapchat is changing its corporate name to Snap Inc. and introducing video-recording glasses called 'Spectacles'.

The specs come in three colors―black, teal, and coral―and will have a 115-degree-angle lens which can shoot 10-second videos in just one click.

CEO Evan Spiegel told the paper the images will be vastly different from what someone can record conventionally, with a smartphone.

Even though the footage captured will be circular, Snap Inc. says it will play "full screen on any device, in any orientation".

Messaging app Snapchat plans to start selling camera-equipped sunglasses this fall, making its first push into the hardware segment.

Google Glass may have been a huge flop but that hasn't deterred Snapchat from launching Spectacles, a product that will allow users to capture video for the platform. Reports suggest that these will go on sale later this year priced at $130.

Prior to confirmation from Snap about the product, news website Business Insider published a promotional video it found on YouTube showing the product. Not long after, the company officially announced its new product in The Wall Street Journal.

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Happy snapping to you... if you decide to get your hands on one of these!

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Spectacles feature an outward-facing light that fires up when you're recording (presumably, to alert others they're being filmed), and an internal light for your benefit.

Snapchat, which recently rebranded itself as Snap Inc. "It's about us figuring out if it fits into people's lives and seeing how they like it".



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