Roethlisberger, Ladarius Heading Back to the Field

Roethlisberger, Ladarius Heading Back to the Field

Ladarius Green has been on the ‘physically unable to perform’ list for a few months. He finally got his first chance to practice with the team at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on Tuesday since signing with the Steelers as an unrestricted free agent. Considering all the hard work he was reported to have done during the training session, it will be interesting to see how the NFL betting lines change to reflect his presence. 

The Steelers still have some time to decide whether they will leave him on the reserve list for the season or put him into play. Green was pretty happy to be back on the field with his new teammates.

The Steelers were a fun and welcoming bunch, giving him room to overcome his nerves. Green isn’t in the clear just yet. There are still a few kinks he has to work out. Naturally, he was a little stiff, but at least he got to show everyone watching what he was capable of.

Ever since Green arrived in Pittsburg, he has been unable to take to the field because of an ankle injury. Training camp pretty much passed him by, and he was placed on the reserve list soon after. 

Tuesday was very productive for him. He had an opportunity to engage all the quarterbacks. Landry Jones, Ben Roethlisberger, and Zach Mettenberger were all very accommodating, helping to test his ankle by pushing him to jump.

For the moment, everything is looking good. As far as Green could tell, his ankle held up. His hope now is that the ankle keeps supporting him for the rest of the season. it will take a few more practice sessions and a little more leaping and jumping for Green to begin trusting his body’s integrity completely. 

Even if the practice went well, Green has to wait a day or two to see how he feels following the practice session. Veteran tight ends like Green do not appreciate being sidelined so soon after joining a team like the Steelers. 

No one knows Green in Pittsburg; so it was important for him to find opportunities to show them what he could do. He was unable to do that in the offseason or the training camp. 

Right now, he must focus on moving forward and using every practice session to manifest his skills and abilities comprehensively.

There is a mental aspect to his situation that Green will struggle to overcome. Luckily for him, the Steelers have been very accommodating. The accepted him, counseled him and helped where they could to ease his transition. 

While Green’s participation in practice might get a few fans talking, it is the return of Ben Roethlisberger that has truly excited the NFL arena. Ben confirmed that had participated in drills on Tuesday during a radio interview.

The outpatient arthroscopic surgery on his left knee last week was apparently very successfully and he could be back in time to take on the Ravens on the 6th of November. 

Ben is doing everything in his power to get back into physical and mental shape for the game. Ben will be joined by Markus Wheaton, whose shoulder injury sidelined him for the last two games but who will also return for the Ravens game.



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