Pence Says Not Enough Voter Fraud to Change Election Outcome

Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence was asked about Trump's statement in the final debate that he might not accept the results of the election.

But while addressing a crowd of hundreds at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, he didn't rule out a legal challenge.

"They got one tweet and they think they got him", Pence said, "and they get up the next morning and Donald Trump is still standing".

Pence went on to city a story from USA Today, which this week reported that at least a dozen companies lobbied the State Department using lobbyists who doubled as major Clinton campaign fundraisers - and that those companies gave as much as $16 million to Clinton family foundations.

He slammed Hillary Clinton as an insider politician and accused her of "running against change" and "all of the American people".

He also said a Trump administration would repeal what he called the "Not So Affordable Health Care" Act and replace it with "more consumer choices and free-market economics". But what happens if someone writes in Indiana Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence for President?

"I thought it was awesome", she said of Pence's speech, adding that he was "positive, uplifting and very articulate - and not demeaning of his challenger".

"If he (Trump) doesn't win, Lord help us", Millner said.

Trump also accused the "dishonest mainstream media" of being "a major part of this corruption", accusing the press of fabricating stories to make him look "as bad and even as risky as possible", before complaining about the media's insufficient coverage of the crowd sizes at his rallies.

He said he would have liked to hear Pence talk more about veterans and the men and women in the armed forces who have lost their military jobs because of reductions in force under President Obama.

"Mr. Pence is a big part of the ticket at this point", he said.

Maslak said as a woman, she takes no offense at Trump's history of derogatory remarks about women, including remarks he made in a tape that surfaced this month in which Trump says his celebrity enables him grab and kiss women.

Pence also told CBS News that Trump "has every right, he has the prerogative to wait and see how the election comes out". He cautioned that the balance of the Supreme Court hangs on their vote, and he defended Donald Trump for remarks made during last week's debate about the validity of American elections.



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