NYPD admits 'we failed' in police shooting of mentally ill Bronx woman

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill and 1010 WINS reporter Juliet Papa

Officers had responded to a call about an emotionally disturbed person at 630 Pugsley Ave.in Castle Hill around 6:05 p.m. Tuesday, Bronx commander, Chief Larry Nikunen, said at a news conference that night.

De Blasio said the NYPD has responded to 128,781 calls for emotionally disturbed people so far this year and emphasized this was "shocking" and "a very individual situation".

Police said Danner attempted to hit the sergeant with a baseball bat after he had talked her into putting the scissors down. Police had been aware of Danner's history of mental illness and many are questioning why the sergeant who fatally shot her did not use a Taser.

Schneiderman called Danner's death a tragedy and said from the very beginning his office "commenced a rigorous review of the evidence" to determine whether the case fell under a 2015 executive order that could have allowed him to take over the investigation.

The reason it was not deployed and whether it was necessary for the sergeant to open fire will be a part of the investigation by the NY police's Force Investigation Division, Nikunen said.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr has condemned the shooting. "But why the rest of the protocol wasn't followed is what we don't understand". An Emergency Services Unit, specifically trained to handle cases involving people with mental health issues, was on the way to the scene, de Blasio said. A police cruiser followed the group as they stopped traffic along their route from Danner's apartment to the 43rd precinct station house. In the meantime, Barry has been placed on modified duty, stripped of his gun and his badge.

"We do have policies and procedures for handling emotionally disturbed people, and it looks like that some of those procedures weren't followed", O'Neill said during a speech to the Citizens Crime Commission in Manhattan. In 1999, Sen. Diaz led peaceful demonstrations during the shooting death of Amadou Diallo by four police officers who mistook his wallet for a gun.

The shooting has prompted questions as to why Barry used deadly force in the encounter with Danner and didn't opt to instead use a stun gun. "I want to know why it happened", O'Neil said. On Tuesday, police were called to her Bronx apartment because she was naked and wielding a pair of scissors.

A source familiar with the investigation said Schneiderman's involvement is hampered by the fact that there were witnesses who urged Danner to drop the scissors and bat and EMTS who wouldn't go into the apartment because they were scared. "It's not how we train".

A mentally ill NY woman shot and killed by police this week wrote an essay in 2012 expressing concerns about such shootings.

New York City Public Advocate Letitia James said Wednesday that she is "deeply concerned" about the shooting.

The edict also provides the AG with leeway to take a case if "in his opinion, there is a significant question as to whether the civilian was armed and risky at the time of his or her death".



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