Netanyahu spits feathers at Unesco's view of Jerusalem

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The United States, the United Kingdom and Germany were among those that voted against the resolution.

The UNESCO resolution on "Occupied Palestine" was endorsed Tuesday by the agency's executive board at its headquarters in Paris, after being approved at the committee stage last week, when Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani described the resolution on Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif in East Jerusalem as a political and legal victory against the Israeli occupation. "One would expect a body like Unesco, which was created to safeguard important sites like this, not to succumb to political pressure from governments that want to play politics with United Nations bodies".

Al-Hayat al-Jadida reported Palestinian cabinet hailing the resolution as being just to the Palestinian people.

Gardner Coates takes an extraordinarily narrow perspective on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's magnificent exhibition "Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven" ("Rewriting the History of Jerusalem", op-ed, October 10). Although Hoenlein and Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street rarely see eye to eye, last week, they did.

"Israel has a veto [in the UN Security Council], when I say Israel has a veto, I mean, the United States has a veto because essentially there is no difference, the United States will do whatever Israel asks of it", the activist said.

It is the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam.

The parliamentarians called on their government not to vote for UNESCO resolutions containing text that ignores Jewish ties to the Temple Mount.

The site known in Hebrew as Har HaBayit (the "Temple Mount"), which includes the Western Wall, is considered by Jews to be the most sacred place in the world, as the biblical Temples of Solomon (957 - 586 BCE) and Herod (516 BCE - 70 CE) are believed to have once stood there.

He likened the vote to "the theater of the absurd", and mocked it by wondering what connection UNESCO would sever next: "Peanut butter and jelly? Batman and Robin? Rock and roll?"

"This is, in my view, one bridge too far for the Palestinians".

"Jews and Christians around the world should be morally outraged by UNESCO's theft, robbing them of their history and denying their connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall", Carson wrote in an op-ed published by the Independent Journal Review on Monday.

The retired neurosurgeon accused UNESCO of "blatantly denying history", and accused the United Nations of a history of false accusations against Israel.

"The Palestinians have lost all support in Europe, including France, Spain and even Sweden", Shama-Hacohen said. Despite Israeli efforts, no European country backed the Jerusalem vote. No new vote will be held.

The resolution was submitted by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan - and was originally passed with 24 votes in favour, six against, and 26 abstentions.

The secretariat of the 57-member bloc of Islamic nations has hailed the UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem. Israel regards the planned homes as part of an existing settlement.

The UNESCO vote was met with strong global condemnation, as well as criticism from within the United Nations body itself. If Israel overreacts, it will simply fuel the fires of global rejection.

Will the results of last week's vote be canceled?



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