McMullin calls for new 'conservative movement'

Independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin is making it clear that he has some long-term goals in mind for the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

The last time that a candidate ran a principled third-party campaign and won only their home state was in 1924 when Robert M. La Follette Sr. ran as a Progressive candidate and won in the state of Wisconsin, getting 17 percent of the popular vote. Facing an exceedingly narrow path to victory as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her team continue to flip potential swing states into their column, the loss of the west state's six electoral votes is equal parts unthinkable and devastating. It's one of the few handful of states where the former Central Intelligence Agency employee will be on the ballot in November. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Trump's running mate, stopped in the state in September, but otherwise big-name surrogates have been absent.

Two months after he jumped into the presidential race as a political unknown and fringe candidate, McMullin is surging in the polls in Utah and drawing large crowds at rallies as he becomes the conduit for conservative voters fed up with Republican Donald Trump's crudeness and antics. In other words, the Trump campaign is either confident that Utahns will revert to form, or supremely unaware of what both McMullin and Clinton campaign advisers say is happening on the ground in the state. Trump has exposed conservative ideology as being fluid and conditional for GOP voters and many of their elected leaders.

McMullin, a long-shot third-party candidate, could realistically beat both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Utah during the presidential election on November 8. He says If Clinton and Trump fail to get the required electoral votes needed while he wins Utah and Idaho or Wyoming, congress could make him their pick if he's in the top three. "It's a conservatism that is compassionate and wants to help people and understands people's struggles and help them through these struggles".

"This opportunity is a new conservative movement that will address liberty and equality, attracting all different kinds of races and religions", he said on Fox News.

The campaign would not say how much the expanded effort would cost, but sources with knowledge of the strategy told BuzzFeed the amount would be less than planned in Arizona, another red state where Clinton is courting voters.

"There can be no better example than Utah and everybody knows why". Tim Kaine, appeared for a remote interview with Salt Lake City television station KTVX, saying Clinton would make a "strong play" for Utah. An Oct. 5 rally he held in Provo had hundreds of excited supporters taking up every inch of the ballroom in the Provo City Library, and supporters organized an unofficial U.S. Constitution walk in Provo in his honor Wednesday.

However, the state also has a history of voting heavily for third party candidates. "We weren't famous before we started so we've got a lot of explaining to do", he said.



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