Hillary Clinton Joins Jennifer Lopez Onstage To Encourage Voters To 'Get Loud'

FBI Director James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill last month

The Latina singer showed her support for Clinton by flaunting her world-famous asset in a very raunchy concert performance.

"We just heard Jennifer perform "Let's Get Loud.' Well, I say, 'Let's Get Loud" at the voting booth", Clinton said at the concert, per the Herald.

Clinton used her moment on stage to encourage voters to get to the polls on November 8, and of course, took a jab at Republican nominee Donald Trump in the process.

It was a fun-filled evening for most of the 7,500 people who attended the get-out-the-vote, pro-Clinton concert in Miami's Bayfront Park. "Are we going to let Donald Trump get away with that?" Last week, Katy Perry celebrated her 32nd birthday by heading to an election location to place an early vote for the Democratic candidate.

"Latinos!" Lopez, the Puerto Rican-American who has risen to global fame, and otherwise known as "J.Lo", also addressed the Miami crowd, made up primarily of Hispanics, before urging them to vote for Clinton.

The line-up of stars backing Clinton is a also reminder of the large gap in cultural firepower between her and Republican nominee Donald Trump. I'm not fully sure how I feel about the 47-year old JLo continuing to pretend that we don't know she's really getting too old for this shit.

Given a political gift from the FBI, Trump's challenge now becomes avoiding any big missteps that might overshadow Clinton's troubles over the campaign's final days. Clinton spoke briefly, but much of the excitement surrounded actress/singer Lopez, singer Marc Anthony, the group Gente de Zona and other Latin music personalities who took the stage.

"Latinos, I don't have to go over how important the moment in history is if you are Latino", Anthony told the audience.

Lopez played several of her most well-known hits, including " Let's Get Loud" while behind her on a massive HD screen images of Hillary Clinton's Democratic National Convention speech and scenes from parts of her biography flashed, along with constant "Vote Hillary" messages.



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