Even President Obama is Making Fun of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Woes

LG Chem Ltd (a.k.a LG Chemical) is said to be one of Samsung's choices to produce batteries for the Galaxy S8. This partnership is said to be a move to diversify Samsung's battery suppliers other than Samsung SDI and China's Amperex Technology Limited (ATL).

Samsung is making attempts to block YouTube videos mocking its exploding Galaxy Note 7, after the company officially recalled the handset and discontinued its production.

Apple's new iPhone series hit the stores in South Korea on Friday after Samsung Electronics' fiasco with report of some of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire and overheating, reports China's Xinhua news agency.

Samsung has been dealing with a lot of harsh ridicule in light of the recent controversy with its exploding Galaxy Note 7, and the latest to roast the South Korean tech titan is President Barack Obama himself. Due to such failures, it has permanently stopped the Galaxy Note 7.

Rumors are rife that the Note family will announce the next Samsung Galaxy Note on August 2017 since the company has followed the trend of a September release in the previous years, PCA reported. Samsung in return offered him a replacement device and also cash just to get hands on the footage. But considering at least six months of development period, it was unlikely for LG batteries to be used in the Note phones at the time.

"We are looking at diverse suppliers, including LG Chem", Korea Herald quoted an official at Samsung telling The Mail Business News.

A dual lens camera has become essential among top end smartphones, so Samsung's decision to add one to the Galaxy S8 makes sense.

Jones told to 7 news that "Ash was just coming from inside the trousers which then, once you unwrapped the trousers, the phone was just melting inside of it".



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