Donald Trump Says the Clinton Foundation Is a 'Criminal Enterprise'

The presidential candidates' philanthropy took a turn at center stage during the final debate of the 2016 election, with Donald Trump calling the Clinton Foundation a "criminal enterprise" and Hillary Clinton contrasting her family charity's work on issues such as AIDS with Mr. Trump's reported use his foundation's money for personal and business expenses. "Why don't you give back the money that you've taken from certain countries that treat certain groups of people so horribly? I think it would be a great gesture", he continued. "I am only working for the people of the USA!" He was criticized last month for hiring David Bossie, a long-time Clinton critic who helped orchestrate the Citizens United battle, as his deputy campaign manager.

In 2012, while Clinton was secretary of state, a senior official of the foundation emailed associates that the US ambassador from the Gulf state of Qatar had asked to see Bill Clinton "for five minutes" in NY to present him with a $1 million check that Qatar had promised for the former president's birthday in 2011, according to a hacked email from the account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman, released by Wikileaks. Wallace referred to a recent ABC report that found individuals considered "FOB", or friends of Bill Clinton, were given special attention by the State Department when they offered to provide assistance in Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating quake in 2010. Saudi Arabia giving $25 million.

Clinton did not address Trump's question, instead touting the work that the foundation has done around the world, including raising $30 million for hurricane-ravaged Haiti.

The State Department says it did not receive a request to approve a donation from Qatar in 2012, and the foundation says approval was not needed under an exception to the Clintons' 2008 ethics agreement. Trump went on, repeating a line he has mentioned at rallies a number of times. And that's it. They put up the American flag. "We fought for the right in Palm Beach to put up the American flag".

"But there was a penalty that imposed by Palm Beach County", Wallace interjected.

In addition, A NY golf course owned by Trump settled a lawsuit by making a donation to plaintiff's charity of choice. Both of the expenditures could violate self-dealing rules, the paper wrote.

Moderator Chris Wallace brought up the NY attorney general's investigation into Trump allegedly settling legal disputes in Palm Beach, Florida, with funds from the Donald J. Trump Foundation.



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