Donald Trump catching up with Hillary Clinton in poll

Democrat Hillary Clinton's lead over Republican rival Donald Trump widened to 6 percentage points in the latest Reuters/Ipsos U.S. presidential tracking poll, released on Friday, showing Trump losing support among women.The Oct. 21-27 opinion poll shows 42 percent of people who either voted already or expect to vote in the November 8 election support Clinton, versus 36 percent for Trump.

The poll shows Clinton and Trump tied with 44 percent of likely voters polled supporting each candidate.

Hillary Clinton on Friday slammed Donald Trump's reported strategy of discouraging Democratic turnout in the last weeks of the election as the "last refuge of a bankrupt candidate".

The poll, released Tuesday by Emerson College, shows Trump leading Clinton by a 52 percent-23 percent margin.

Hillary Clinton enters the homestretch of the presidential race with a sizable fundraising lead over Republican rival Donald Trump. Trump is holding events Friday in New Hampshire, Iowa and ME, while his running mate will make appearances in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

From October 20 to 26, Quinnipiac University surveyed 791 Iowa likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points.

A RealClearPolitics poll average still puts Clinton ahead in the state by 1.5 percent. Bad news for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson: The Rasmussen poll says he's "fallen to a new low" of three percent.

He has not only alleged that the election was "rigged" with the media pushing for Hillary Clinton, he also hinted that, if the result of the election does not go in his favour, he might not even accept it. Just 2 percent of likely voters who back Clinton and expect her to win say their prediction is giving them less motivation to vote. The main election forecasts, which look at state and national polls, report small uptick in Trump's chances of winning and a slight dip in Clinton's, though she continues to be called the likely victor of the election.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings this week show millions of dollars, once earmarked for the Trump / Pence ticket, being piped down-ballot to Super Political Action Committees in an attempt to reinforce Republican positions in Congress.



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