Chris Hubbard: Steelers' Reserve Player Silences Critics

Chris Hubbard: Steelers' Reserve Player Silences Critics

Fans were on the edges of their seats, waiting to unleash a hail of fury and hate against Chris Hubbard; luckily for Hubbard, he exceeded every expectation and overturned all the online NFL betting odds in the game against the New York Jets.

There is a chance that the Pittsburgh offensive lineman has been oblivious to all the hate he has been attracting on the internet. Websites like BTSC have been rife with comments raising hell over the idea of Hubbard starting at right tackle.

Facebook and Twitter were even meaner; certainly, if Hubbard had taken a peek at the things people were saying about him before the Week 5 game, no one would have blamed him for resigning from the Steelers immediately. 

Problems for Hubbard, problems online at least, begun when Ryan Harries was sent to the injury reserve list. It was then revealed that Marcus Gilbert would be joined at right tackle by Hubbard.

The complaints surrounding Hubbard varied. Some fans just thought that he would introduce too many complications because his injection into the team would naturally force the entire offensive approach to change to suit him. The common assumption was that, with Hubbard on the right side, a tight end would have to be permanently placed on the edge for help.

Anyone who actually tried to defend Hubbard probably remembers all the chaos they eventually attracted, especially on the BTSC twitter feed; because it wasn’t like Hubbard didn’t have his defenders.

There was many a fan who thought that it was premature to presume that Hubbard would fail so thoroughly, especially when you realize that so many players before Hubbard have been stepped up to the plate and delivered when their number was called.

To the credit of Hubbard’s detractors, they were more than just another rabid horde looking to tear the player down for their own amusement. For every point raised in support of Hubbard, these detractors had a laundry list of logical reasons that explained why they thought he would fail.

As we know now, though, their fears were unfounded because Hubbard actually delivered. He got the job done far better than anyone expected, even his supporters.

In fact, Hubbard was tremendous on the field. He played an extremely solid game and definitely achieved every task he was assigned. Of course, it would be foolish to heap so much praise on Hubbard like he succeeded all on his own.

Even Hubbard admitted that he received a lot of help while he was on the field, telling Dale Lolley of the Washington Observer-Reporter that his teammates really took a lot of the pressure off him. 

The first half, in particular, saw the Steelers step up to support him; it wasn’t until the second half that the team stood back and allowed him to strive all on his own. And, even then, he delivered, running games and doing a good job all round. 

Keep in mind that Hubbard was facing Muhammad Wilkerson, a Pro Bowl Pass Rusher who, by the end of the game, had no sacks, quarterback hurries or hits. 

Point is, while the Steelers most definitely supported Hubbard when it counted, he still proved that he could stand all on his own, putting all his naysayers to shame. 



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