Chip Kelly maintains support of Blaine Gabbert's outing against Cowboys

1. Head coach Chip Kelly complimented Blaine Gabbert after Sunday's performance despite the fact Gabbert threw for only 84 yards in the second half and severely under threw Torrey Smith on a play that resulted in an interception. The bar at quarterba

And with a quarter of the season under our belts, we can gauge just what to expect from head coach Chip Kelly and Co. heading into the next stretch of football. Unfortunately for San Francisco, it was a 3-yard reception.

Prescott has helped lead the Cowboys to a 3-1 record, completing 67.9 percent of his passes for 1,012 yards, three touchdowns and a 98.5 passer rating. We don't even know who say, to be honest, because I know exactly what we've been building in this organization.

"Twenty, 40 meetings? Tell me when". I was a fan of him in college.

Gabbert wasn't shy about calling his own number in the running game, either. In week three, Elliot rushed for 140 yards in a win over Chicago, then followed that performance with 138 rushing yards and a touchdown in the win over the Niners.

He's also run the ball more than he has since the 49ers' Week 1 against the Rams. The Cowboys were aggressive on stopping Carlos Hyde, which meant the defensive ends were crashing inside. Similarly demonstrative scenes from Smith and from then-starting wide receiver Anquan Boldin a year ago preceded the 49ers replacing Colin Kaepernick with Gabbert.

It was controlled and, dare I say, surgical.

The throw was well intentioned, but Gabbert ultimately re-signed his signature on the growing document of crucial mistakes he's made as a 49er. We had more guys go down last week and guys had to step in.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report said Monday that he was told by "multiple sources" that 49ers players believe it is time for Colin Kaepernick to get a chance at the starting quarterback job.

But this is the 49ers now: The sudden flash of red as Smith went past Claiborne, the team-wide sag after the interception, and finally the sight of Smith raging in frustration afterwards on the sideline and firing his helmet to the ground.

"Torrey did a nice job on the route", Kelly said.

When you win three straight games in the National Football League, there's only one proper way to celebrate: You show up at whatever bar Snoop Dogg's at and you hang with him. "To put the ball where he put it, it was the only place he could". "So, he just missed on the throw".

Gabbert finished 16 for 23 for 196 yards with the one TD and one interception.

Oh, and this: The Cowboys immediately driving for a field goal to go up 24-17, and then Gabbert and the 49ers coming up short on fourth down in the final minutes.

Both of those targets were able to make the most of their matchups. Kerley caught six passes for 88 yards and a career long, 33-yard touchdown reception.

"We don't even know who's saying it", said Bryant, after ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Bryant had missed 20 to 40 meetings over his career.



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