At Debate, Clinton Blames Russia for Many Things

In the heat of the presidential debate Sunday, Hillary Clinton denied being secretary of state when President Obama said in 2012 that Syria President Bashar Assad would "cross a red line" by using chemical weapons on civilians in the country's years-long civil war.

Trump just admitted he hasn't *spoken* to his running mate Mike Pence about Syria. Huh???

While Pence referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as the "small and bullying leader of Russia", Trump praised Russia for fighting militants affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

For Trump to deny that any hope exists for the people of Aleppo to resist this onslaught amounts to turning a blind eye to the ongoing atrocities.

"I don't like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS", Trump said at Sunday night's debate.

The appearances dispelled rumors that Pence was "holding his options open", as the Indianapolis Star put it, after more than two dozen Republican officeholders urged Trump to withdraw from the presidential race.

At this point, however, with so many leading Republican politicians deserting Trump over the disclosed tape aforementioned, the deep damage to Trump's campaign may be irreparable but, on the other hand, with less than a month to the general elections, which have already started in a few states, there is sufficient time for his camp to regroup and regain the lost ground. US officials have called for the Assad regime to be investigated for war crimes against its own citizens.

Clinton advocated during the debate confronting both ISIS and the Assad regime through training rebels, creating no fly zones and allying with Syrian Kurds.

She also acknowledged the possibility that such an assault on civilians may foist the United States headlong into an unintentional war - "That intervention that people talk so glibly about" could become a full-fledged "American and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation involvement where you take a lot of civilians". "I think you have to knock out ISIS".

With Syrian President Bashar Assad and his allies Russian Federation and Iran dug in and no sign the fighting is nearing an end, the new US president will confront a problem for which there is no clean or clear solution. "They are interested in keeping Assad in power", she said. "The question I got was about Aleppo, about humanitarian aid". About 49 percent of Clinton supporters on Twitter were women.

The former secretary of state believes this approach would confer an advantage to the US when trying to engage Russian Federation in talks to create a political resolution to the Syrian conflict.

"I would not use American ground forces in Syria", Clinton said. "I don't think that is a smart strategy". "I do not think USA troops should be holding territory". Russia, which has supported the Assad regime, recently vetoed a United Nations resolution demanding the Syria government halt airstrikes in Aleppo to allow for humanitarian aid to reach the war-ravaged city.



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