Zika virus may live in eyes, spread through tears

WHO's previous guidance in early June was for only men without symptoms to use condoms or abstain from sex for eight weeks after returning from areas with epidemics.

Public Health England would alter its guidance if needed and said it was reviewing the who is new advice. This news story is related to Latest/148444-Zika-virus-found-in-tears-of-mice-US-study/ - breaking news, latest news, pakistan ne.

Researchers studied the eyes of a mouse model of Zika, and discovered that infection of the eye is widespread, according to Michael Diamond, a professor of molecular microbiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.

Published Sept. 6 in Cell Reports, the study describes the effect of the Zika virus infection in the eyes of mouse fetuses, newborns, and adults.

The findings will help with tracking the global spread and evolution of the Zika virus.

The WHO said it also took into consideration new studies that have documented the transmission of Zika between sexual partners who had no symptoms of the disease. REUTERS/Edgar Su/File PhotoSingapore said on Thursday it did not know if the Zika virus detected in the country could cause the same birth defects and other disorders linked to an outbreak in Latin America.

It added that this is of concern due to the association between the Zika virus infection and adverse pregnancy and fetal outcomes, including microcephaly - a condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads - neurological complications and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

With eye infection confirmed in the virus, it raises the possibility that Zika could be spread by coming into contact with infected people's tears.

An analysis of two locally infected patients showed the Zika strain in Singapore likely evolved from a strain already circulating in Southeast Asia since the 1960s, the Straits Times newspaper said on its website.

While it is known that Zika can be transmitted sexually, scientists believe there may be other pathways for the spread of the virus. The longest period that the virus has so far been found to remain infectious was 24 days. A live strand of the virus was then found in the mice's eyes, as well as genetic material in their tears.

Baton also explained that Zika is diagnosed based on a person's recent travel history, symptoms, and test results.

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