What is Antonio Brown's Secret to Success?

What is Antonio Brown's Secret to Success?

Antonio Brown proved on Monday Night that he deserved the Pittsburgh Steelers’ trust. The Steelers proved as much when they went deep on fourth-and-1 because they knew Brown would be in the right place at the right time to make many online NFL betting odds enthusiasts’ dreams come true. 

The Redskins, on the other hand, manifested their fans fears by losing to the Steelers and proving that they were probably not ready for prime time. The Redskins could learn a thing or two from Brown, whose performance during the game was clearly the result of weeks and months of practice. 

The last player in the locker room on Monday Night, Brown was a different man when he replaced his jersey with a patterned designer suit, a snazzy gold vest, boots, and a scarf. 

It took meticulous work for Brown to put the pieces of his outfit together before stepping out to interact with the media. The man is as conscientious off the field as he is in the arena.

Tied with Julio Jones for the NFL lead last season, Brown might be experiencing one of the most productive stretches by any receiver in the league. The previous three seasons were kind to Brown, who amassed over 5,000 receiving yards.

This is the second highest number ever garnered over a three-year period, only falling behind the tally of the man known as Megatron. If you ask Brown about the key to his success, he will compare his accuracy on the field with this precision away from the game.

Brown has described his talent as something genetic. The 28-year-old is very specific about his look. He likes being neat and orderly, and Brown injects that same level of attention to running routes and meeting his training goals. 

People in the Steelers know Brown’s reputation. Brown is the guy with the excessively clean diet, and who insists on organic foods above all else. Maybe the fact that Brown has two children plays a role in his lifestyle.

Every father understands the importance of maintaining a level of consistency. With so many responsibilities, a wife, two kids, a family, it only makes sense for Brown to work so hard to maintain a level of organization in his life. For Brown, an orderly life will translate into an orderly performance on the field.

Watching the game on Monday, you could see that the Steelers were prepared to take on any challenge and overcome any obstacle so long as Roethlisberger could find Brown on the field. 

The pair has developed a prolific attack that averaged 30 points in every game last season. Even taking into account the number of points Brown and crew slipped passed their opponents, fans weren’t nearly as impressed with the final point count as they were with the way Brown’s side worked. 

Coach Mike Tomlin approached the game with an aggressive mindset and you could see it in the way Roethlisberger and Brown attacked the field. The team wasn’t afraid to take chances and shots, and their brazen attitude delivered during the highly exciting Monday Night Romp. 



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