United Nations pursues 'suitable action' against Pyongyang's fifth nuclear test

In response to North Korea's illicit blast, President Barack Obama vowed Friday to work with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts to impose "new sanctions" to show Pyongyang that there are "consequences to its unlawful and unsafe actions".

Clinton said America's next leader must support nuclear de-proliferation.

Beijing has said Washington's decision to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system would only worsen tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Since that measure was adopted, North Korea has carried out 21 ballistic missile launches, US Ambassador Samantha Power said, describing those tests and Pyongyang's second nuclear detonation this year as "more than brazen defiance".

The 5.0 magnitude seismic event Friday is the largest of the four past quakes associated with North Korean nuclear tests, according to South Korea's weather agency. At the same time, South Korea is negotiating an expected deployment of a United States missile defense system - a plan that Pyongyang has decried as provocative.

Under heavy worldwide sanctions and facing weakening ties with almost the entire global community, minus China, which it still trades with, North Korea has been conducting missile tests seemingly every week. "Such provocation will eventually hasten its path to self-destruction", she said in a statement. Responding to that explosion, world diplomats agreed to a resolution in March calling for inspecting all cargo going to and from the country, a ban on all weapons trading with Pyongyang, and an expansion of specific Korean officials subject to sanctions.

"Certainly all the indications we ve seen based on the seismic activity, it s certainly consistent with a nuclear test", Davis said.

The DPRK's state-run television reported early Friday that the country had conducted a nuclear warhead explosion test.

Not only has the range of the weapons successfully tested jumped significantly, but the country is working to flawless new platforms for launching them - submarines and mobile launchers.

The Russian leader has pledged to work with its allies to "solve" the worrying North Korea problem. A small number of mining carts could be seen as well as a new canopy created to hide activity to the site, analysts said.

"They've regularized this stuff instead of it just being a one-off", Michael Madden, who edits the website North Korea Leadership Watch, told Mashable.

The United Nations Security Council resolutions ban Pyongyang to engage in any activities linked with the development of nuclear weapons and their delivery means. "This has definitely put on a higher level (the North's) technology of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic rockets", the country said.

Its claims of being able to miniaturise a nuclear warhead have never been independently verified.

Another resident, Kim Sun Nyo, 30, said the news will be a shock to "the USA imperialists". South Korea will hold presidential elections next year.

President Barack Obama also said Friday that he would push for new sanctions in retaliation to Pyongyang's fifth and most powerful nuclear test. But a USA official directly familiar with an assessment of the test said in February there may have been a partial, failed test of some type of components associated with a hydrogen bomb.

Last Monday, as G20 leaders were meeting in China, North Korea fired three ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. This is why China is willing to support United Nations sanctions but unwilling to stop serving as North Korea's lifeline.



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