UN ready to implement climate deal in Morocco

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It goes into law when an approximate 55 countries who represent 55 percent of global emissions sign the accord, reported The New York Times.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister had announced that India will ratify the Paris Climate Change agreement on October 2.

The CPI (M) today strongly objected to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement that India will ratify the Paris Climate Change agreement, claiming New Delhi has committed a "volte face" by surrendering to USA pressure and that it is not in the country's interest.

A new study indicates the United States now needs to implement new measures created to achieve the ambitious goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement, the document outlining strategies for countries all over the world attempting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The stakes are high because if the European Union, the world's third-largest emitter, is able to agree before October 7, it could win the symbolic prize of triggering the accord's formal adoption.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said earlier this month that 60 countries, responsible for around 48 percent of the global carbon emissions, had joined the pact.

When the climate change agreement was made in Paris in 2015, it was expected to take years before it would cross the threshold for coming into effect, but it is nearly there in a matter of months, he said.

Reminding the United Nations that it was PM Modi who had suggested the principle of "climate justice", Ms Swaraj said India will continue to play a "leading role" in combating climate change.

India will be among the late joinees to the deal agreed to at last year's COP-21 conference.

One of the major aims of the 16-page Paris Agreement, which includes a preamble and 29 Articles, is to control the average global temperature rise to under 2 degrees Celsius and working so that it tends towards 1.5 degrees Celsius.

He said Fiji would use its leadership position as holder of the Office of the President of the General Assembly to do everything possible to secure the rapid ratification of the Paris Agreement and spur climate action.

United Nations officials have now signalled it is nearly certain the climate treaty will enter force this year, two years earlier than originally planned.

It will in fact come into effect before the November UN climate change conference in Marrakech, he said.

Last February, the Supreme Court halted implementation of the Clean Power Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency's most ambitious effort to cut greenhouse gases.

US President Barack Obama is said to be keen on implementing the agreement before his term ends in January 2017 as an important pillar of his legacy. At the Paris climate meet in 2015, India sought $2.5 trillion in aid by 2030 to fulfill its climate-related commitments.



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