Theresa May tops as most favoured political leader trumping Corbyn and Sturgeon

They add that when Mr Corbyn was elected as leader in the autumn of 2015 he attempted, at the time, to create a broad-based shadow cabinet with representation from all sides of the party.

Elections for the party's front bench team were abolished in 2011.

With Labour now embattled in a leadership election between Mr Corbyn and his challenger Owen Smith, members of the party's Mid-Worcestershire branch have had their say on who they want to be Labour's next leader at a nomination meeting on August 11.

In the Survation poll of around 1,000 people, Mrs May's plus-34 rating made her comfortably the most popular leader, while Mr Corbyn's negative rating of minus-31 made him the least favoured of all the politicians listed.

JK Rowling is no fan of Jeremy Corbyn, so when a news article implying Daniel Radcliffe has re-endorsed the Labour leader people seemed to think there would be serious beef between the two. The result of the voting is expected to be announced at a Leadership Conference in Liverpool on September 24.

Natural Labour voters are "very upset" at the divisions in the party, Mr Betts warned as he insisted "we can't carry on as we are".

The Mirror reported last month how Mr Corbyn was told big hitters will not return to his frontbench team unless the elections are reinstated.

Labour MPs will today vote to decide on whether they want to return to a system of regular elections for the Shadow Cabinet.

Ms McCarthy went on: "The question would be though is I felt I couldn't go on the media and say that I had confidence in Jeremy Corbyn".

But crucially, Mr Corbyn received far higher support than his rival among Labour supporters, receiving 41.4% favourable ratings compared with Mr Smith's 23.7%.

He said: "I do not see the need for this change. Any review also needs to take account of the need to represent regions and nations".



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