The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Is Coming West

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Is Coming West

Square Enix and their Final Fantasy series are nothing short of legendary, and it looks like this long running game franchise is far from dying out.

This might actually be a great opportunity for Square Enix to expand their audience and introduce more people to the "Final Fantasy" series, as it's certainly true that many people today haven't even heard the name. Square Enix has successfully built momentum in Tokyo and satisfy the fans curiosity with a 40-minute of game preview.

"Final Fantasy XV" takes place in Eos and catching up the story from the movie "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV". While Final Fantasy 15's development has been exciting to watch, it has also been a freaky amalgam of both inspiring and anxious moments. This is not a bad thing at all of course, and Square Enix have managed to capitalize on that factor pretty well over the years.

The remake of "Final Fantasy VII" is also expected to have a battle system that is akin to the "Final Fantasy" action-fighting game "Dissidia". The fine tuning of the game must be what is taking time and pushing the release of the title further. In 2013, the game received a new title and has been announced for the new generation of consoles, after the rumors spread in 2012 claiming that the game had been canceled. For casting and using spells, the players will have to scour reagents in various parts of the "Final Fantasy XV" world.

Kitase also shared in a previous interview with Game Informer that the three parts will be patterned to "Final Fantasy XIII", as each becomes a full-scale game.

Final Fantasy 15 will release on November 29, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. Te reason for the delay was the day one patch- Square Enix felt that the patch was an integral enough part of the Final Fantasy 15 experience that it should be part of the base package and on the disc with the game, so that everyone who bought the game, even those without an internet connection, would be able to experience the game in its intended form.



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