SpaceX accident 'most difficult and complex' in its history

SpaceX could be grounded for 9-12 months ULA chief

Just recently, Elon Musk's Falcon 9 rocket has been tested which was able to soar into space and land in the ocean, Ars Technica reported.

The Israeli-made Amos 6 telecommunication satellite was due for launch on the rocket two days later. He also thanked NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. Air Force for their help during the investigation. So are a number of independent industry experts, though none of the participants' names or the number of representatives from each entity have been announced.

The representative declined to provide the company's images and video of the incident. NASA's facilities at Cape Canaveral were not damaged by the blasts, and no planned NASA flights were affected. SpaceX competition is also fierce as they only hired 650 interns past year out of the thousands of applicants.

The explosion presumably caused severe damage to launch complex 41, a former Air Force Titan launch pad that is leased by SpaceX, but so far the company has released no details on the extent of the damage, what might be required to fix it and, consequently, how long it might take to return the pad to launch-ready status. He told Reuters that it usually takes that duration to resume space launches after an accident. Lawmakers mandated the agency to focus primarily on protecting people and property on the ground, rather than ensuring the safety of passengers or crews during flights.

"W$3 hile the FAA has licensed or permitted over 280 launches, there have never been any fatalities, serious injuries, or significant property damage to members of the public".

The new team's composition appears to be very different from the team that looked into SpaceX's rocket launch failure on June 28, 2015. Though the official has knowledge of the matter, he is not actually authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation, according to the Washington Post. Boeing is also contracted for a crew capsule.

While Bruno is the head of one of SpaceX's most serious commercial competitors - meaning we need to take his comments with a grain of salt - at the same time, it's safe to assume that the ULA chief knows what he's talking about. Then previous year, another exploded a couple minutes into its flight to deliver more than $100 million worth of cargo to the International Space Station.



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