Skype for iOS app updated to version 6.25

Skype for iOS app updated to version 6.25

This latest update was made possible after Apple opened Siri up to third-party developers with the recent launch of iOS 10.

The basis of today's new features is support for storing Skype contact information in the iOS Contacts app.

With the integration of Siri into Skype for iPhone, you can use Siri commands to quickly start a Skype call.

The statement further added that using just voice, iPhone users running iOS 10 can simply say "Hey Siri, get me an Olacab" to book their next ride. You can grab the latest version of Skype (6.25) here or via Updates in your App Store app.

Every app is integrating Siri for it's iOS nowadays, and here's an update for Skype for iOS app that comes with such another integration with Siri. But now, with CallKit, incoming calls are displayed fully using the native Phone UI.

Once again, this feature is only available for consumers for the time being, but Microsoft says that it'll arrive in all Skype clients, including the one for business, in October. This will enable easier switch between a regular call and a Skype call. Just like the SiriKit feature, the CallKit functionality will be extended to Skype for Business on iOS devices sometime next month.

The contacts of the Skype are saved on your iOS device, and this simplifies to initiate the Skype Video calls or audio calls even the Messaging on Skype without even launching the App. User will also be able to invite friends to join Skype directly from their contact list. In the past, Skype notifications would be muted when CarPlay was activated, much like most third-party notifications.



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