Samsung Galaxy Note7 United Kingdom exchange program is now live

The company also said about 25 percent of Note 7 owners in the USA have exchanged their devices, up from 13 percent last week when Samsung started making replacement Notes available.

Though Note 7 sales dipped after the recall was announced, the effect on long-terms sales hasn't yet been determined.

A user of Chinese social media posted messages on Sunday saying a friend's Note 7 caught fire over the weekend. But the company has said about 2.5 million devices may be affected worldwide, including 1 million sold in the United States. An executive said sales in China would continue because Note 7 phones sold there used a different battery than those linked to problems elsewhere.

The American authorities have failed to find a causal relation between a controversial vehicle fire in Florida on September 5 and its owner's Galaxy Note 7, a USA newspaper reported on Monday, in the latest development that may vindicate Samsung Electronics' position in its ongoing global recall of the smartphones.

This green battery indicator will appear on new Galaxy Note 7 units following a software update.

Should you receive the update on the recalled Galaxy Note 7, you will now be welcomed by a "Safety Recall Notice" every time you reboot your phone or plug it in to charge.

It was previously reported from a press release by the Australia division of Samsung that replacement units will have identifiers on the box, specifically a small black square on the white barcode label and a white sticker with a blue S. In South Korea, mobile carriers said Note 7 owners can begin exchanging their phones starting Monday, but there were few people doing so at a Samsung service center.

Samsung has issued a statement that Galaxy Note 7 users in USA will get replacement starting from September 21 while South Korean consumers will get replacement from September 28.

"As the Galaxy Note7 has not yet officially been launched in South Africa, this will not be applicable to the South African market".



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