Responding to Trump, China says committed to Korea stability

"As long as the US exists on the earth, a world without nuclear weapons is no more than a daydream and our planet will be in peace only when it is free from its aggression", stated the North's Institute of International Studies in a memo carried by state-run media Tuesday.

Monday's exercise in the Sea of Japan marked the first time the allies have operated together in waters to the east of the peninsula near the North Korean border, said a USA official speaking on condition of anonymity.

Daniel Russel, the US assistant secretary of state for East Asia, said the three countries had been making progress in key areas, including disrupting North Korea's arms trade and de-flagging North Korean ships. This new show of force by Seoul and Washington comes after the deployment of United States bombers to South Korea twice, the last time on September 21.

Beijing has said it will work within the United Nations to formulate a necessary response, but questions remain as to whether it is willing to agree tough enough steps to force North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons. Lee Ki-sik, commander of the ROK Fleet, said in a statement.

The Spruance and her South Korean counterpart, the destroyer Yulgok YiYi, are armed with Lockheed Martin's Aegis system, which is capable of taking down ballistic missiles. It was also blacklisted in a U.N. Security Council resolution adopted in March in response to Pyongyang's fourth nuclear test in January.

Pyongyang, however, ignored the criticisms and defended its nuclear and missile development on grounds of self-defence against the US. Meanwhile, experts disagree on whether the repeated show of force by the U.S. can stop Pyongyang's nuclear testing.

The show of force of the Navy was followed by the flight of US Air Force B-1 bombers last week, across the Demilitarized Zone, which was the closest and the most powerful, tested for combat heavy bombers which had ever flown over the line that separates North Korea from South Korea, said another USA military source.

NEWS BRIEF The United States placed sanctions on a prominent Chinese CEO and member of the Communist Party because the U.S. Department of Justice believes she laundered money for North Korea's nuclear program.

Yesterday's show of force followed last week's flight of US Air Force B-1 bombers along the Demilitarised Zone, the closest the bombers have ever flown to the line separating North and South Korea, CNN said, citing a US military source. "And China can step up the effectiveness of its sanctions without disgracing its dignity", Lee Ki-hyun, director of worldwide and Strategic Studies Division at the Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU) told NK News. Talks involving world and regional powers have failed to rein in the North's nuclear programme.



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