Paris 2016: New Hyundai Grand i10 Makes Its Official Debut

Paris 2016: New Hyundai Grand i10 Makes Its Official Debut

The regulations also allow for a larger rear wing, an increase in width and greater front and rear overhangs - for bigger, more outrageous aero.

The drivers will need more downforce because engine power is rising to 283kW, up from 224kW. Instead of using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) common to most high-performance cars, Hyundai broke the mold with an all-new high-performance plastic materials, developed in collaboration with leading global chemical company BASF.

On the outside, the 2017 Hyundai i10 (facelift) gets a redesigned airdam with an integrated pair of circular LED daytime running lights, and new boomerang-shaped foglamp enclosures inspired by the 2016 Hyundai Elantra.

In order to handle figures higher than virtually every hot hatchback on sale today, the RN30 uses an all-wheel drive system, while a wet dual-clutch transmission rations power. It sits on 19-inch light-weight alloys. The RN30 features Hyundai's new electronic limited-slip differential system which "makes sure each wheel receives sufficient torque, measuring the driving force of the tyres".

Naturally, it's also binned everything non-essential for the pursuit of speed, and moved all the heavy stuff as low down as possible to minimise the centre of gravity.

Styling sees a clear link to the standard Hyundai i30 although the RN30 displayed in Paris is 84mm lower (1,355mm) and 31mm wider (1,950mm). The radiator grille and front air intake also help in this respect, as well as to draw in cooling air for the engine.

Inside the cabin, the radical design focus continues on the driver with bucket seats, a roll cage and a host of instruments relaying critical vehicle information.

While part of its lineup has split off to form the premium Genesis brand (which released its first two models this month), the European arm of Hyundai Motor has been working rigorously to develop a sportier identity for the Korean brand via its performance-driven N Division.

Inside is a pure motorsport package but interestingly the A-pillars each contain image-stabilizing gimbal TV cameras which combine with a roof-mounted camera to capture the on-track action both inside and outside the cockpit. The road-version Hyundai i30N will be available next year, making the high performance driving accessible to everyone.



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