Obama urges nations to work together on climate issues

Obama's tour leads up to a meeting in China on Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is hosting the G20 group of leading economies. That Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument ranks as the largest ecologically protected area on the planet. The lake's temperature has risen faster over the past four years than any time on record.

The two California senators have joined with their counterparts in Nevada in an effort to reauthorize the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act, which is still pending in Congress, and provide hundreds of millions of dollars more to protect the lake from pollutants and restore the health of the surrounding forests.

Green groups have cheered Obama but also are prodding him not to rest on his laurels.

"Having the president standing in a place that could disappear would be a powerful message on climate change and ocean health", said Seth Horstmeyer, a director of Pew's Global Ocean Legacy project.

"We love Obama, We think he has done a fantastic job", said South Lake resident Leon Malmed.

"Harry is tough", Obama said.

Brown says preserving Lake Tahoe has been a priority that's united Democrats and Republicans over the years.

Obama is speaking to a group of Pacific Island leaders in Honolulu a few hours after addressing a Lake Tahoe conservation summit in Nevada.

It was Obama's first and last visit to Tahoe as president.

In Nevada on Wednesday, Obama plans to visit Lake Tahoe and speak at a summit dedicated to the iconic lake's preservation.

"We've noticed the clarity of our lake going down", said attendee Rayna Currier.

The White House earlier in the day also unveiled a strategy to boost private and philanthropic investment in US conservation efforts, which it said have grown from $230 million a year when Obama took office in 2009 to about $1 billion a year today.

Brown told the thousands of people crowded into an outdoor arena in a casino parking lot that they are standing next to the most lovely lake in the world. This year, President Obama shared the stage with U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein as well as Governor Jerry Brown.

Obama, who is racing to cement his legacy on climate change before his presidency ends on January 20, will venture to the Midway Atoll on Thursday, deep inside the Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument, where he expanded protections last week.

While they have improved transportation, fire safety measures and lake clarity, Reid said that they would continue to do more work, even after he leaves office.

"In addition, the donation by the Water Funder Initiative foundations shows why we also need the nonprofit and philanthropic community to get involved because we can not accept the risky consequences of allowing the serious problems at the Salton Sea to become an vast crisis". Obama spoke before a crowd of about 7,000 at the Annual Lake Tahoe Summit.

To that end, Obama on Thursday planned an unusual presidential visit to Midway Atoll, a speck of land halfway between Asia and North America.

Congressional Republicans and the energy industry have resisted Obama's climate plans at every step, including through numerous lawsuits and legislation that he has vetoed.

Obama's brief stop along the Nevada-California border came at the start of an 11-day worldwide tour that will take the president to Asia for his final time as president.



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