Obama: U.S. needs to dispute 'uninformed, wacky ideas' from Donald Trump

Duterte sparked a storm on the eve of an Asian summit this week by labelling Obama a "son of a whore", prompting the U.S. president to cancel a planned meeting.

President Duterte said yesterday he told US President Barack Obama that he had never called him "son of a whore" or had meant to insult him when he uttered an "ordinary" Filipino expression. That deal awaits ratification in the U.S. Congress, where there is opposition from both parties, but Obama said he planned to do everything possible to persuade lawmakers to approve it before year's end.

Obama said his administration was still working diligently to shrink the prisoner population.

Speaking at a summit in Laos, Obama had urged Duterte to conduct his crime crackdown "the right way" with respect for the rule of law.

VIENTIANE, Laos — President Barack Obama said Thursday that Republican Donald Trump proves he isnt qualified to be president “every time he speaks, ” adding that he is confident Americans will ultimately reject the brash billionaire on Election Day.

Duterte set the tone for the week when, just before flying to Laos on Monday, he launched a barrage of insults at Obama in response to the U.S. president's plans to question him over his war on drugs.

Presidential aide Ben Rhodes later told reporters the USA canceled the two leaders' one-on-one meeting after the remark because "the nature of those comments was not constructive and... having a meeting where all we were gonna discuss was a series of comments, frankly did not strike us as the most constructive way to approach a bilateral meeting".

Obama has discussed the situation with foreign leaders, stressing his fears of a Trump presidency.

Especially when it comes to meeting with foreign powers, "you actually have to know what you're talking about", the president said.

On a visit to Indonesia, Mr Duterte told the Filipino community there that he told Mr Obama: "President Obama, I'm President Duterte".

Earlier On Tuesday, Mr Obama had cancelled planned talks after the abusive slur from Duterte. Philippine media also reported that Duterte's daughter had just suffered a miscarriage, likely affecting Duterte's state of mind. You must be respectful. Duterte had his outburst on Monday when he was defending his war on drugs that has killed at least 2,400 Filipinos.

Duterte delivered the insult in his native Tagalog tongue, just as he had with the statement about Obama, which he now claims he never made.



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