Mom on '7th Heaven' open to reunion show without Stephen Collins

Mom on '7th Heaven' open to reunion show without Stephen Collins

While classic '90s shows like "Boy Meets World" and "Full House" have been recently recreated since their prime, "7th Heaven" hasn't.

Catherine Hicks, who played the mother of all those kids, revealed in a new interview that she loves the stars of the show - but we all know it'd have to "open with Stephen Collins" coffin.' Yikes! The actress, who played matriarch Annie Camden on the WB/CW series for 11 seasons, said she'd be down with a series reboot - as long as her husband, Reverend Eric Camden, is dead.

In December 2014, the actor admitted he molested three female minors between 1973 and 1994.

Lucy Mitchell shared a sweet snap of the mini-reunion on her Instagram page, with Barry Watson, and Mackenzie Rosman, Hicks and Biel in the photo.

"A new boyfriend for Annie", she joked when discussing possible changes for the show with the TMZ camerawoman. "They're so cute, my little girls", she said, adding that of course she still looks at them like family.

Hicks, 65, believes her former co-stars on "7th Heaven" would be interested in a series revival as well.

"You know, I don't know", Catherine said when asked by TMZ about doing a televised reunion.



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