Minnesota Vikings Crush Cam Newton

Minnesota Vikings Crush Cam Newton

No one expected the Panthers to win 15 games once again; however, it probably didn’t occur to them that they would exceed their loss total from the previous year so early in the new season. And Cam Newton isn’t helping matters, having dashed many hopes and NFL betting odds when he was sacked eight times by the Minnesota Vikings. 

One wonders whether Newton will survive the season, especially with the way things are going. The fact that the Panthers lost their latest game at home, this despite having won every single home game last season, is very demoralizing.

Certainly, it is a little too early in the season to panic. However, for a team that so thoroughly dominated in 2015, the way they lost to the Vikings is worrisome. Anyone with a basic understanding of football could see that the Panthers’ offense was completely overwhelmed. 

They couldn’t keep up with the Vikings who dictated most of the game, and Newton was quick to admit the inferiority of the Panthers in the game. The Panthers are probably keeping a very close eye on Newton who has taken one too many hits so early in the season.

Newton took a pounding in the Denver Broncos game, and that trend continued with the Vikings. Granted, Newton is quite large. And as a quarterback, he should be used to taking hits by now. 

However, no matter how tough he might be, hits like that eventually begin to take their toll. The immense workload he is carrying for the Panthers is also likely to shorten his career in the long run.

Vikings Defensive End Danielle Hunter blew past two Panthers linemen before getting to Newton and sacking him for a safety. Newton shouldn’t be taking so many hits while sitting in the pocket.

The Panthers didn’t have to lose the Broncos game, and Graham Gano could have changed the story if he had hit a long field goal at the end of that particular game. However, right now, the Panthers aren’t looking too good, and the rest of the NFC South doesn’t look much better. 

No one expected the Panthers to have an easy time repeating as NFC champions; however, talented as their roster looks, they have no business delivering such a shoddy start. And if they cannot find a way to keep their quarterback safe, their season is going to get a whole lot worse. 

While the Panthers were nursing their wounds after the Vikings game, the Indianapolis Colts were celebrating a hard-won victory. Everyone was ready to write the Colts off, even after three games in a season, if they had lost to the San Diego Chargers at home.

Hilton saved the team the prospect of a crushing defeat. Hilton guaranteed that he would make plays and he delivered on his promise, taking a pass from Andrew Luck (with less than two minutes on the clock), spinning out of a tackle, beating the safety and taking it 63 yards for a touchdown.

Hilton’s performance could be the turning point the Colts have been looking for. 



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