Merkel says won't distance herself from Armenian Genocide resolution

Deutsche Welle Berlin not distancing itself from Armenia resolution

The head of Merkel's Christian Democratic Union in parliament said the chancellor would not distance herself from the resolution.

He, however, added that the Bundestag resolution was not legally binding.

The German news magazine Der Spiegel reported earlier today that Germany's government meant to distance itself from the resolution recognizing the slaughter of Armenians as genocide to appease the Turkish government.

Kauder said Merkel also noted that she had voted to support the Genocide resolution during a party meeting before the vote, although she was not present when the vote took place in June. According to "Der Spiegel", a spokesman would reiterate that the resolution had no legal effect on the actions of the German government.

The German news magazine "Der Spiegel" had reported on Friday that Berlin planned a gesture to appease Turkish government anger over the Bundestag's Armenia resolution.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks during the informal OSCE Foreign Minister's meeting in Potsdam, Germany, September 1, 2016.

Ilnur Cevik, a media adviser to Erdogan, told German broadcaster ARD that Friday's statements explaining the non-binding nature of the resolution would not suffice to free up visits by members of Germany's parliament. That report, however, was denied by German government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

Turkey has been refusing to allow German lawmakers to visit its Incirlik air base to see personnel stationed there with reconnaissance planes and refuelling aircraft.

Merkel also told RTL television that in talks with Turkey "we have pointed out that resolutions are not legally binding, they are political statements". It responded to the June vote by blocking German lawmakers from visiting 250 German troops at Incirlik Air Base.

Erdogan angrily charged that the 11 German lawmakers with Turkish roots who backed it should undergo "blood tests" to see "what kind of Turks they are".



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