Maine Governor Apologizes To Lawmaker, Vows Never To Speak To Press Again

Gov. Paul LePage The Republican leader of the state House, Ken Fredette, said his caucus is against LePage's conduct but doesn't support holding a $43,000-a-day special session to consider censuring or impeaching him. This allegedly caused Rep.

After meeting with Gattine on Wednesday, LePage said: "He never called me racist". Drew Gattine of Westbrook, suggested such comments were racially charged, LePage became enraged and left Gattine an obscenity-laden voicemail that itself contained a homophobic epithet.

There has been pressure for LePage to resign following the outburst. What he's decided is that not only is he not resigning, he's never talking to the press again. The Governor made headlines in 2013 when he was scrutinized by the Portland Press Herald newspaper.

In Thursday's #PopcornMoment, Tony shares the outrageous voicemail and everything that followed. The question form also asked for a hometown and phone number, so I lied and wrote I was from Lebanon, Maine, and swapped out my area code for the state's 207. Trump said he has a "tremendous feeling" for Mexican-Americans, explaining that not only does he have several friends of Mexican descent, but he has also employed "tremendous numbers" of Mexican-Americans in the United States. "I've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a b***h, socialist c********r", he said, according to a transcript by NPR. LePage said he was angry because Gattine called him a racist, something Gattine denied. Democratic lawmakers have warned that LePage was coming unhinged and called for a political intervention.

"We can't continue to have the explosiveness that we've seen and so we're in hopes that he's going to find a way to correct that", said Thibodeau, who would take over as governor if LePage stepped down. But he then said there was someone else who should apologize as well - the reporter who asked him about Democratic Rep.

On Friday, he said at a press conference that "when you go to war. you shoot at the enemy".

Regardless, Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves stands by his call for LePage to resign. I think we all want our governor to be successful. "I have never met a person who's been flawless and not made a mistake and, ah, hopefully the people of Maine will say, 'OK, we'll forgive you this time and you clean up your act and let's move forward, '" he said in a radio broadcast on Tuesday (30 August). LePage told residents at a town hall meeting he keeps a binder full of photos of all the individuals arrested for drugs in ME since January and 90 percent of them are black or Hispanic.

LePage has apologized to the people of Maine.



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