Long to rain over us... Royal Canadian visit deluged

Kluane Adamek says it was a bit overwhelming to find herself so close to the royals as well as the Prime Minister and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. 'Kate has amazing style. I loved her dress,' Adamek said

Torrential rain and driving winds in Bella Bella on the east coast of British Columbia meant a last-minute change of schedule for day three of William and Kate's tour of Canada, their eagerly anticipated trip to the Great Bear Rainforest.

The move is considered largely symbolic since 85 per cent has already been preserved through a deal between First Nations, the B.C. Government and industry. Will and Catherine will meet with the Heiltsuk First Nations, where they'll stop by a school and be treated to a traditional ceremony.

The British media honed in on what one outlet described as an "awkward" encounter between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the young Prince George in reports on the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Victoria.

William lauded the effort to protect the area as an example of what connects Commonwealth countries as they share the benefits of Canada's knowledge and expertise in managing the forest.

Dancing vests, which are worn during a major welcoming ceremony called potlatch, were then presented to the smiling royal couple with Kate wearing a white vest and William a black garment.

The initiative was launched a year ago as a way for the 53 Commonwealth countries to share ideas and innovations around forest conservation.

Young leaders meet the royals

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second visit to Canada is forever memorialized in a new silver collector coin produced by The Royal Canadian Mint.

Sheway, designed like the Glasgow Women's Reproductive Health Service Unit, to serve women with major social problems was opened by William's mother Princess Diana in 1990.

The royal family arrive near Victoria on Saturday, where they were greeted by the Trudeaus. The royal couple started the day in Victoria and boarded a floatplane that would take them to Vancouver's Coal Harbour. It's their first royal visit overseas as a family and best of all, their three-year-old son Prince George has already been making headlines.

Prince William announced the inclusion in the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) of the Great Rainforest in front of the Bella Bella community.

However, the rest of the afternoon events including taking part in a First Nations ceremony went ahead. It's the only site in Canada to receive the distinction.



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