Kate Hudson sings En Vogue's 'Hold On' on 'Tonight Show'

Kate Hudson sings En Vogue's 'Hold On' on 'Tonight Show'

During a commercial break, she stunned the audience with her personal interpretation of En Vogue's music.

As it turns out, Hudson can really sing! "Why not? That's kind of how I feel", Kate said during her visit to The Tonight Show on Tuesday, Sept. 27. She confessed after her performance that she is a big fan of the '90s R&B group.

While Fallon was interviewing Hudson on-air, the pair discussed the possibility of the 37-year-old releasing an album someday. "I've always been scared of making music". Teasing Fallon, Hudson claimed his first concert was En Vogue. "I really remember it because it was the first time I smelled a amusing odor", she said.

"And then my brother (Rules of Engagement star Oliver Hudson), for some reason at like 10 years old was like, 'That's weed, '" she joked. "I write music, and it's super depressing".

The actress broke into song, busting out "Hold On", by the girl band and showing off her impressive vocal talents. And there is, of course, the iconic scene from Almost Famous which she interpreted Elton John's song "Tiny Dancer".



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