It Happened! Steve From 'Stranger Things' Met His Precious Son Jean-Ralphio


Which is probably why the two spent a solid morning together shaving, posing, and doing all sorts of father and son shenanigans. Basically, we'll take anything Stranger Things-related.

Here's the back story: Fans of "Stranger Things" have been obsessed with the resemblance between Keery, who plays Steve on the Netflix series, and Schwartz, who played Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on NBC's "Parks and Recreation".

So people started talking about this, and I wrote a post laying out some evidence proving when Steve grew up he moved to Pawnee, Indiana and changed his name to Jean-Ralphio.

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For a theory based nearly completely on looks, it had ample evidence.

Not only do their outfits match, but there's also the irrefutable fact that they really do look alike. It even has some support from Schwartz himself.

Now, finally, after a distant courtship, the internet has finally brought father and son together - as documented on Jean-Ralphio actor Ben Schwartz's Twitter - for that most sacred of parental rituals: the first shave. Look, we're just saying that anything is possible in a world that comes fully equipped with an actual monster.



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