Is Eli Rogers the Steelers' Top Slot Receiver?

Is Eli Rogers the Steelers' Top Slot Receiver?

The Steelers have a habit of fielding more than two receivers at a time, so if they do so this preseason, it won’t come as a surprise. Though, the fact that Eli Rogers is Antonio Brown’s backup’s backup might cause additional confusion, especially for analysts looking at the NFL free picks.

After all, for some time now, it has been known that Eli Rogers was the Steeler’s first-choice slot receiver. Rogers was asked about his place with the Steelers after the team’s final preseason game. 

Visiting the Carolina Panthers Thursday Night, Eli confirmed that he was certain about his role as the team’s starter in that particular slot. Markus Wheaton, Sammie Coates, Antonio Brown and Darrius Heyward-Bey all stand a notch higher than Eli.

However, he is definitely at the front of the pack of young wide receivers that have made it their objective to make the team’s roster. The National Football Association tends to elicit very intense competition, especially amongst young and talented players. 

Rogers’ record isn’t exactly terrible this preseason, having caught seven passes for 64 yards. Rogers’ journey to the front of the pack of young receivers begun in 2015.

Rogers’ performance was distinct enough in the training camp to earn him a lot of respect. However, his dreams were nearly shattered when he injured his right foot in August, the Steelers then casting him to the injured-reserve list in response. 

This preseason, Rogers’ determination to make up for lost time shows in his every move; Rogers also knows that he can rely upon Brown who he has followed this preseason.

Brown hasn’t shied away from his role as guide, visible in his efforts to give Rogers feedback, especially during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week2 of the preseason. Brown’s advice in that particular game focused on how to turn one-on-one wins over the middle into touchdowns. 

The Steelers are heading back to Pittsburgh. They have a lot of strategizing to do in light of the upcoming New Orleans Saints game, as well as the challenges they will face this week in Carolina.

Players will find their ability to operate optimally in a game planning week thoroughly tested. 

Rogers performed well enough in New Orleans last Friday, learning to rely on the stars of the Steelers’ offense. Unburden in his play, Rogers caught two passes for 17 yards. 

The Steelers have a game plan in place. They obviously know how to best overwhelm the efforts of the opponents they will face in the coming days and weeks. Rogers only has one objective in Pittsburgh, and that is to prove that he can take his coaches’ game plans and execute them appropriately. 

While he didn’t seem particularly bothered by the challenges awaiting him, especially in Carolina, Rogers admitted recently that it would take a lot of focus for him to perform optimally in his position as number one slot receiver. 

Rogers has every reason to feel confident considering his status at the top of the slot depth chart. He still has a long way to go but the Steelers have shown that they have every confidence in his abilities. 



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