Introverted Londoners urged to chat on the Tube line

Here’s why Tube Chat badges are a great idea

An unidentified group is giving out Tube Chat badges encouraging people to strike up conversations with their fellow passengers.

And social media reacted with predictable scepticism when images of the badges were circulated, using photoshop to come up with their own alternatives.

"Tube chat" badges were released on Wednesday, inviting commuters to don them on their jackets and talk to others doing the same on public transport.

Mr Dunne, an NHS worker originally from Colorado who lives in North London, said: "I thought it would be fun to break the barriers that people put up in London".

Although the badges include the official London Underground logo, Transport for London denied it is behind the scheme.

The unofficial movement has been met with apprehension by many and deemed controversial because of its similarity to the official TfL "baby on board" and "please offer me a seat" badges being trialled for pregnant and disabled commuters.

"#Tube_Chat No. Just no. for the love of", another commuter said.

Another said: "Wake me up if a dog gets on".

"We now only promote two badges to be worn while travelling - our Baby on Board badge and a new trial badge for people with hidden disabilities which encourages passengers to offer those less able to stand a seat".

Sameer_Merali shared a photo of the badges on Twitter and said: "YES YES YES YES YES".

The 42-year-old, who has been living in London "on and off" for the past 20 years, gave out the badges for a couple of hours at Old Street station yesterday. "Now it has gone insane".

He added that he had planned to print more badges, but may now consider a different design in light of the response from TfL.



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