Hissgate: iPhone 7 Plus emits unusual noise when under heavy load

Several iPhone 7 users have reported via Twitter that they are hearing a hissing noise coming from the device while it's being used.

It's most likely coming from the new A10 Fusion processor, since the sound seems to come from the back of the phone, round about where the processor lives.

You aren't alone and some early iPhone 7 and 7Plus adopters have been complaining that both phones produce hissing sounds when under strain.

Hackett said AppleCare told him to visit an Apple Store to get the phone replaced - suggesting it could genuinely be a manufacturing error. "My iPhone 7 Plus makes bad noises when under load", Hackett wrote in a Saturday tweet, which links to a YouTube recording highlighting the hiss. However, Apple isn't taking any chances and has offered Hackett a replacement. (NASDAQ:AAPL) rumor mill today is news of a glitch present in the iPhone 7.

One belief is that the noise is being produced by iPhone 7 Plus' CPU, considering application load seems to directly affect the degree of the hissing sound. But at least, according to Apple, if only one of your two AirPods is stolen or lost, you could just buy one. Apple declined NBC News' request for comment.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are enjoying the undivided attention of the premium segment even before hitting most markets of the world but this new issue might hamper their sales in markets like India.

Among other highly-anticipated gadgets, Apple has also introduced at its iPhone event on Wednesday, Sept. 7, its totally wireless headphones called the AirPods.

The adhesive strip sealing the phone was also judged to be "considerably stronger" than in its predecessors, while copious use of black and white glue is also thought to be aimed at waterproofing the device.

In recent years iPhone users have lived through Bendgate and Atennagate, but now iPhone 7 Plus brings us Hissgate.



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