Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Was 'Unsettled' by Mark Cuban at Debate

Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Was 'Unsettled' by Mark Cuban at Debate

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton explained to a crowd in Des Moines, Iowa that she was disturbed by all the negativity surrounding the election.

Laying out ideas for addressing childcare challenges faced by middle-class families, Clinton recounted for supporters at a rally her own background of working on children's issues and her father's struggles as a small businessman.

Though in some other important states like Iowa, where Ms Clinton was due to campaign on Thursday, and ME, there are early signs of greater enthusiasm among Republicans, however.

Iowa Democrats know what a successful early-voting drive can do: More than four in 10 voters cast early ballots in the state in 2012, which given the state's voting patterns appeared to benefit Obama. Trump was in the conservative western edge of Iowa a day earlier making a similar pitch at early voters, and the Republican National Committee launched a one-stop site for people to register to vote and to request an absentee ballot from coast to coast.

Hillary Clinton in Des Moines.

"Hillary Clinton is an insider, fighting for her donors and her insiders and mostly fighting for herself", Trump said.

KCCI's chief political reporter Cynthia Fodor will be tweeting from the event.

Volunteers outside the rally were on hand to direct voters to the early voting location.

Clinton said this week's debate revealed two starkly different visions for America, with Trump bragging about "gaming" the system to avoid paying taxes and "rooting" for last decade's housing crisis that made his money while five million Americans lost their homes.

He also alluded to Iowa's early voting, and called on his supporters to demand that they and their friends "get out of bed" to go vote. Early voting starts in OH on October 12.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, Brandon Starkes, 28, cited the state's unsuccessful bid to impose a voter ID law in his decision to vote early.

In North Carolina, a must-win state for Trump, more than 69,150 ballots have been requested and 8,541 have been returned, according to AP data. Mr. Trump has held rallies in Toledo twice. Please see our terms of service for more information. Absent was any inquiry about whether Trump should bring up former President Bill Clinton's infidelities, as he's repeatedly threatened to do.

The 2016 improvement can't be wholly attributed to fresh Democratic enthusiasm. Democratic strategists said that the party has found that an earlier effort to encourage voters to request early ballots didn't guarantee that they would all be returned. "We have-what?-40 days, 39 days left". Though Clinton strongly supports President Barack Obama's efforts to ease the embargo and restore USA ties to Cuba, she accused her opponent of acting against US interests by defying the sanctions in the past. That means it's among a dozen states that are not reliably Democratic or Republican, so can sway the outcome in the state-by-state presidential vote. "That's why you have to go and vote on November 8", Trump said.

Clinton's campaign said registered Democrats hold a almost 3-to-1 advantage over registered Republicans in vote-by-mail requests across the state.

"We will prove we are stronger together ... we will prove that love trumps hate", Clinton said to wrap up her speech. Iowa voters can request and submit ballots by mail, and Democrats have a 3-to-1 lead over Republicans with Iowa vote-by-mail requests. "Get out. Don't take a chance".



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