Government's Star Witness In 'Bridgegate' Trial On The Stand

David Wildstein arrives at Martin Luther King Jr.

On the spreadsheet next to Sokolich's name Christie's staffer listed a number of favors including the purchase of shuttle buses for Fort Lee, which was paid for by the Port Authority, steel from the original World Trade Center and a personal tour of the new World Trade Center, both of which are Port Authority property. He has already pleaded guilty to federal crimes. Three years after gridlock paralyzed a New Jersey town next to the George Washington Bridge for days, two former allies of Christie, Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly, are being tried.

5 ways the P.A. Baroni wanted to hire Wildstein as his No. 2 and to be the "bad cop" who would work "aggressively" to advance New Jersey's interests at the agency.

Wildstein said that Baroni hired him as director of interstate capital projects but, in practice, his "job was to act as Mr. Baroni's chief of staff".

Wildstein, who was appointed to the Port Authority by Christie, said his role was to enforce the governor's agenda by using grants, trips to the World Trade Center, and flags that flew over Ground Zero as gifts to Democratic officials to entice them to vote for Christie in his 2013 reelection bid.

Christie has also denied having a close relationship with Wildstein. A trial for Port Authority of NY and New Jersey worker Bill Baroni and Christie's Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly got underway this week.

The George Washington Bridge lanes were allegedly closed to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, who refused to endorse Christie.

CBS2's Christine Sloan asked Kelly defense attorney Michael Critchley what he thought about Wildstein's remarks.

Earlier in the day, Matt Mowers, a national field coordinator for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, testified that in 2011 staffers in the governor's office drew up a "Dem elected target hit list" of potential endorsements for the governor's re-election campaign.

Christie has denied knowing about the bridge scheme until well after it was carried out, and a taxpayer-funded report he commissioned absolved him of wrongdoing. He said that Wildstein's claim that he reported to Kelly were "absurd".

Prosecutors said Monday that Wildstein will testify that he bragged to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie about the massive traffic jams on the third day of the four-day incident. Mowers testified about an elaborate effort he undertook with others to keep careful records of favors offered by Christie's office and the political leaders and others who accepted or declined them. She said when Baroni returned her message the following day he curtly told her that her department's outgoing phone charges were being reviewed because they were too high, which she took to mean she wasn't to contact Fort Lee. She and Baroni claim former Port Authority official David Wildstein orchestrated the scheme.



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