Golf legend Arnold Palmer died

There will be no successor. His dashing presence as a younger man took golf out of the country clubs and into the mainstream.

Built a financial empire with endorsements and other golf-related ventures, including co-founding the Golf Channel.

Multiple sources from the world of golf are reporting that Arnold Palmer, a seven-time major victor who is arguably the most beloved figure in the game died Sunday at the age of 87.

Arnold Palmer has passed away at 87 years old.

Near the end, he had hard with balance, and had suffered some injuries from falls. He was often the honorary starter at the Masters with Nicklaus and also had the Arnold Palmer beverage named after him, which is a combination of iced tea and lemonade.

Palmer's combination of matinee-idol looks, charisma and blue-collar background made him a superstar just as golf ushered in the television era.

Well after the start of the new millennium, the Big Three was sere still a magnetic grouping for the Masters' Wednesday Par-3 contest.

Reaction poured in from "Arnie's Army" of admirers in the world of golf.

Proposed to his first wife after knowing her for three days.

"Winnie once said to me, 'When Arnold Palmer gives up flying his airplane and his ability to hit a golf ball, he won't be with us long, ' " said Dodson, the biographer. He was that appealing to both sexes - and his persona was so large, especially after he crossed the ocean to help rekindle American interest in Britain's Open Championship - that he actually appeared in a Bond film, 1964's Goldfinger ... or at least his name did.

Known as the King, Palmer was regarded as one of the greatest golfers ever, having won 7 major championships and enjoyed more than 60 victories on the PGA Tour.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1929, Palmer came by the game naturally as the son of a golf pro and greenskeeper who cut down some clubs and gave his son his first swing at the game.

Quit Wake Forest and joined the US Coast Guard after his roommate, Bud Worsham, was killed in a vehicle accident.

Is a licensed jet pilot and flies a Cessna Citation X. The airport in Latrobe was renamed Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in 1999.



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