Ex-Subway pitchman in suit: Victim's parents to blame

Jared Fogle

Former Subway pitchman and convicted pedophile Jared Fogle has filed a lawsuit against the parents of one of one his victims, claiming they are at least partly responsible for the girl's emotional distress and "destructive behavior".

Last March, the parents of one of the underage girls filed a lawsuit against Fogle, asking for $150,000 in damages for emotional distress.

According to Daily Mail, the former Subway spokesman is suing the parents of an underaged girl who was secretly filmed undressing via hidden camera at accomplice Russell Taylor's for video and photos that were passed between the two men. Taylor, who once headed Fogle's charitable foundation, was sentenced to 27 years in prison in December. A federal appeals court has rejected Fogle's appeal of his sentence of more than 15 years in prison, finding his arguments unpersuasive. Stephenson has said his client suffered "significant emotional trauma" because of Fogle's actions.

The unidentified IN girl's parents filed suit against Fogle, now serving 16 years IN federal prison, earlier this year for injuries from his invasion of privacy and negligence.

Yet Fogle is arguing that this was brought on by her parent's divorce, and is arguing that they should be liable.

The lawsuit only identifies the girl as Jane Doe but claims that Doe's parents are to blame for her behavior.

Keep in mind, Fogle's attorneys initially tried to have his sentence reduced down to just 5 years for his heinous crimes against minors.

Fogle became a prominent pop culture icon in the early 2000s after he lost 245 pounds on a diet largely comprised of Subway sandwiches. Fogle has paid restitution to 14 victims, but they can still sue him for additional money.

Fogle alleges that the girl's parents fought and abused alcohol in front of her, causing her distress.

"The district court also appropriately considered the perverse nature and circumstances of the offenses. alongside ample evidence that Fogle repeatedly sought out and traveled to have sex with minors", the judges wrote in their decision, according to the Indianapolis Star. The pornography was produced over a four-year period.



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