Are the Patriots gearing up to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Cleveland Browns? The reactions to this rumor have been very varied; though, surprise is a very common element in almost every opinion you hear on the internet. And you do not need to understand NFL odds to know that Jimmy is quickly becoming a household name amongst football fans.

Jimmy’s first week starting for the New England Patriots was probably as exhilarating for him as it was for those people watching him play. If you follow the NFL, then you should know by now that Jimmy was amazing. 

However, even with all the hullabaloo surrounding his first game, Tom Brady’s shadow continues to follow him, and for good reason. No matter how well Jimmy plays in the next few weeks, no one can ignore the fact that he is only a replacement for Tom Brady, and a temporary one at that.

Brady is currently serving a four-game suspension as a result of the DeflateGate scandal. And once Brady’s suspension ends, everyone expects him to start for the Patriots once more.

This means that Jimmy will be sitting on the Bench in a few short weeks; and if Brady continues to perform as expected and avoids injury, then Jimmy’s stay on the bench might last for the rest of the season.

The New England Patriots beat the Arizona Cardinals during the Sunday Night game in Week 1, a game during which Jimmy went 24-for-33 for 264 yards. Jimmy didn’t just do his job.

He exceeded expectations. More than merely proving his worth as a quarterback, Jimmy showed that he could actually succeed Brady as a quarterback when the veteran superstar finally retires. 

However, rather than sparking conversations about his future with the Patriots, Jimmy’s great performance with the Patriots instead raised suggestions that the side might actually use him as a trade bait this season. 

In other words, Jimmy could actually find himself with the Cleveland Browns before this season is out. Why the Cleveland Browns? The Browns are the most likely destination for Jimmy if the Patriots actually went ahead and traded him.

The Browns are in trouble; this much is obvious to everyone. The hopes they were resting on Robert Griffin shattered when Griffin sustained a shoulder injury that will not only count him out for the rest of the season but might also completely bring his football career to an end. 

At the moment, the Browns have little hope but to place their trust in Josh McCown, but only for the game against the Orioles in Week 2. Josh is, by no means, a long-term solution for the Browns’ never-ending QB problems.

Of course Cody Kessler might end up surprising everyone; however, the rookie’s obvious lack of experience is a little worrisome. He doesn’t seem ready to take on such big roles.

As things stand, the Browns have to seek outside assets in order to improve their chances this season. Jimmy has all the makings of a great Browns QB. He would definitely transform their fortunes.

For the moment, all Jimmy can do is to focus on the next few games with the Patriots before Brady makes his return. 



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