Was Trump right? Iran video may show USA cash payment

US President Barack Obama speaks to the media at the Pentagon

After two consecutive days of providing detailed descriptions of a potentially damning video of a US cash shipment to Iran, Donald Trump is admitting today he never actually saw any such video.

He continued the claim even after his campaign said that he was talking about footage that showed the hostages being released and not the money. Trump exclaims in his tweet. In fact, it showed the recently released American prisoners as they were arriving in Switzerland.

The idea that the US would have paid ransom "defies logic", Obama said, and would have betrayed the families of other Americans held unjustly around the world - many of whom he has met with personally. Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said on CNN she misspoke when she blamed Obama for the 2004 death of the Muslim-American soldier, Humayun Khan, during the Iraq war.

President Barack Obama has denied that the $400 million cash payment to Iran was ransom to secure the release of four Americans jailed in Tehran. "How do you do that?" Trump said in Florida.

He continued, "Now here's the wonderful thing".

"They said, 'We are waiting for another plane and until that plane [arrives], we never let you go, '" Pastor Saeed Abedini told Fox Business Network on Thursday. "The only bit of news is that we paid cash", he added, explaining that "we couldn't wire the money" because "we don't have a banking relationship with Iran, which is part of the pressure we applied on them".

"It's a military tape". Trump continued. "And they have a ideal tape, obviously a government camera, and the tape is of people taking money off the plane". It was a tape that's a flawless angle, nice and steady, nobody getting nervous because they're going to be shot because they're shooting a picture of money pouring off a plane'.

It is rare for the free-wheeling Republican presidential nominee - known for making provocative claims - to admit making a mistake.

The GOP presidential nominee was belatedly setting the record straight after saying at a televised rally that he had seen a video of "money pouring off a plane in Iran". Kaine said Trump must have confused him with Tom Kean, who was New Jersey's governor until 1990.

Obama was an IL state senator at the time, with no role in deciding in USA foreign policy. It (the video) doesn't exist.

The claims, which had dragged on for decades, were resolved in January because the United States and Iran were having diplomatic discussions for the first time in years, thanks to the negotiations over the nuclear deal, Obama said.



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