Twitter Debuts Promoted Stickers, Starting With Pepsi

Credit Pepsi  Twitter

Twitter first introduced stickers in June with the hopes that users would enjoy tacking small, colorful illustrations onto their photos - as you do in apps like Snapchat.

More specifically, the "Promoted #Stickers" initiative will make almost 50 custom stickers available in ten markets.

Announced Monday, Promoted #Stickers have already started rolling out to Twitter users globally, with PepsiCo being the exclusive launch partner as an extension of its existing Say It With Pepsi campaign.

Pepsi will be the exclusive launch partner of Promoted #Stickers, and will share almost 50 custom stickers across 10 markets for fans to use as part of their global PepsiMoji campaign.

"Promoted #Stickers represents a huge opportunity for brands to drive brand affinity and raise awareness of their message at scale", said Ilya Brown, head of brand and video ad products at Twitter. Photos that have a brand's sticker are shared with all of the user's followers, they basically act like a visual hashtag as photos with the brand's sticker will be discoverable to anyone who taps on that sticker.

Explaining how promoted stickers work, the social media giant said "brands can design four or eight stickers-like accessories and other props-for users to add their own photos".

Pepsi's stickers will receive a prominent place in Twitter's "sticker library".

Promoted #Stickers are live! This campaign marks the largest partnership between the two brands to date and is a result of months of collaboration.

"Adam Bain, chief operating officer at Twitter, added: "#Stickers have been hugely popular with consumers, and we are thrilled to now include brands in that conversation, starting with Pepsi.

Twitter says that millions of photos have already been adorned with unsponsored Stickers since the feature's launch nearly two months ago. With the #Stickers campaign and having Pepsi as the first brand to employ the tactic, Twitter could see great visibility in terms of overall monetization of its service.



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