Trump to unveil plan for combating IS

"Donald Trump is authentic".

"I have to say we have great unification", Trump said.

The GOP nominee tweeted about no other topics on Sunday.

That it took Trump two days to walk back his widely debunked remark — and then walk back the walk-back — was worrying for Republicans who see such missteps as playing to Democrat Hillary Clintons advantage. Indeed, Trump's in-house legal adviser, Michael Cohen, has recently repeated the fallacies, claiming it would be "malpractice" to advise Trump to release his returns while they are being audited. The opinions expressed in this commentary are exclusively those of the author.

"Donald Trump is hiding behind fake excuses and backtracking on his previous promises to release his tax returns", Clinton campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement.

The New York Times reported that Trump had likely benefited from tax breaks available to real estate developers in past years, as in 1978 and 1979, when he paid no federal income tax at all, according to documents he made public in 1981 when applying for a casino license in New Jersey. His crowds at rallies regularly boo and jeer the journalists who cover the events.

Clinton, a former US secretary of state looking to become the country's first female president, has moved to roughly a seven-percentage-point advantage over Trump in national political surveys and also holds leads in several battleground election states where the outcome of the November 8 contest is likely to be decided.

Politicians, particularly from the Republican party, frequently complain about media scrutiny and accuse journalists of being biased. Zell Miller (D-Ga.) supported George W. Bush's reelection campaign - the extraordinary number of GOP turncoats in the current cycle is not only "unusual", according to politics watchers, but "unprecedented".

Trump has blamed the US news media for taking many of his comments out of context, and on Thursday night some of his supporters heckled and cursed reporters who covered the rally in a large arena in Kissimmee, Florida.

Trump, 70, presented the Federal Election Commission with a mandatory personal financial disclosure form in May and says this is enough. He told WHTC-AM on Thursday that Trump's decision to call Obama the founder and Clinton a co-founder of IS was "not helpful".

It's no surprise that the media are Trump's go-to scapegoat.

"We have no reason to bring someone into our country who is going to harbor that hostility". Its an instinct that Trumps opponents say a president cant possess.

The campaign has been circulating "media bias award" emails. How to fix the daily cuppa of secret brew for the two aspiring occupants of the White House who call each other "nuts" "unfit" to be their new masters?

He continues to be a loyal cable news viewer and news website reader, however.

The campaign strongly objected to the story, and Trump said "the newspaper is going to hell".

"I am glad he is here because it's great to see him, but maybe he should be in OH", said Francisco Limbos, 56, of Kent, Conn. He insisted he'd said nothing incorrect.

A representative of The Times said the editors fully stand by the story.

But it is rare for a Republican to campaign in the Nutmeg State, though many Trump supporters in attendance in Fairfield were glad he did.

This month Trump has started talking about adding The Times to the list.

"We should knock them out".



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