Trump rips into media, not Clinton

"The map favors us and, in a way, the dynamics right now favor us", said Joel Benenson, Clinton's senior strategist. By comparison, it's been more than a month since the Federal Bureau of Investigation director said Clinton had been "extremely careless" when using private servers for her official emails during her time as secretary of state.

Throughout his presidential bid, the Republican nominee has used controversy to draw attention to his campaign.

"Mr. Trump bears no responsibility for his campaign being off-message?"

It was the latest in a series of implicit acknowledgements by the Republican presidential nominee that he is not winning and in fact could be headed for a big loss to Mrs Clinton on Election Day in less than three months.

On Trump's ISIS comment, Pence replied, "I think he was very serious and was making a point that needs to be made - that there is no question that the failed policies of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the wider Middle East created a vacuum within Iraq in which ISIS was able to rise".

He said he and Trump just have "different styles", speaking on Fox News Sunday. He'll also say that Trump's erratic rhetoric and "bluster" will make Pennsylvanians and all Americans less safe.

There was a time when any Democrat president knew where the buck stopped in the White House.

Not all Republicans see it that way. Sen.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence said Donald Trump was being "serious" when he said that U.S. President Barack Obama was the "founder" of IS. "This is not just about rolling up the score".

Yet it's wrong to say that Hillary Clinton is actually anything like the choice of the younger generation.

Yet Clinton is undoubtedly beginning to cast her gaze beyond the Democratic base.

The CNN interviewer also asked Manafort about mounting pressure on Trump to release his tax returns after Clinton released hers on Friday.

"We have to assume that this is going to be hard".

The next day, Clinton published a column in Salt Lake City's Deseret News titled "What I have in common with Utah leaders - religious freedom and the Constitution".

In this August 10, 2016, photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a coal mining roundtable at Fitzgerald Peterbilt in Glade Spring, Va.

"Remember when he said, he did not have sex with that woman, and a couple of weeks later, oh you got me", Trump said, to cheers. The unorthodox candidate has not aired a single television ad since the end of the primaries and is building a bare-bones effort to get out the vote.

Later on during his campaign stop, though, Trump's running mate talked to Rita Cosby and made it clear he was thinking about releasing his returns.

But it is rare for a Republican to campaign in the Nutmeg State, though many Trump supporters in attendance in Fairfield were glad he did. Surveys in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and OH found that 90 percent of Democrats say they intend to support Clinton, while closer to 80 percent of Republicans intend to support Trump.

"They don't trust Hillary Clinton", said Republican pollster Neil Newhouse, part of the bipartisan team that conducted the focus groups. In an essay for Marie Claire last week, MSNBC/NBC reporter Katy Tur wrote that she had to be accompanied out of a SC rally by Secret Service agents after Donald Trump launched a personal attack against her. He said he understands that "people in the establishment" may have "anxiety about the clear-eyed leadership" Trump will bring. Manafort chided him for covering that story for days and spending only one day on Trump's economic policy speech.

Associated Press polling editor Emily Swanson contributed to this article.



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